Sunday, May 30, 2010

New Video!!

For some bizarre reason mom couldn't sleep last night ... so she got up really, really early. Of course, I just came downstairs with her and went right back to sleep. She decided to make a new video of me with a bunch of my photos .... of course, i'm okay with that!! :)

Hey ... I also hear that mom met this really cool dog yesterday. His name is Julius and he came from up north at Red Lake reservation (where i'm from). He was also rescued by Karen (my hero!) of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. I hear Julius came from the same area where I originally came from ... Redby. And guess what, mom says that Julius looks like me and acts like me, and she has fallen in love with this boy. He has been nicknamed "Son of Ahnung!" Mom says he would make a great therapy dog too! She says she's going over to auntie Laura's house today to take photos of him ... yeah, right!! When she comes home i'm going to check her pockets to make sure she isn't sneaking him in .... she's threatening my brother Mister that she's going to trade him in for Julius. I've assured my brother Mister that she's all talk!! She loves Mister, crazy as he is ... i'm sure you'll be hearing more about the Son of Ahnung :)

Meanwhile, check out my new video:

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  1. Ahnung,
    It's a pleasure to meet you! Loved your video, you are quite the talent and very beautiful. I am going to friend you on FaceBook, and would love to have you check out my FaceBook pages: Janet Roper & Talk2theAnimals. I also want to introduce you to one of my dogs IamMaxRoper on FB. I think the two of you would have a lot to say to each other!

    Thank you for everything you do,