Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sheep, Solar energy and Software ...

So what do Dorper sheep, solar energy and software have in common? SAS!! and What is SAS, it's the software company my mom works for which is ranked the #1 company to work for by Fortune magazine! I've been trying to get her to quit her job so she can just focus on me ... yes ME, Nung Nung, animal assisted education/therapy and lounging on the couch with me, but she won't ... She actually really likes her job and says it's truly the best company. She gets to travel around the country teaching workshops in universities across the country ....

[Oh, if you want to read more about why SAS is the best company to work for check out the Fortune 100 article]
She tells me that they recently had a contest to name the new solar sheep. Her company built a solar farm on 5 of the 300 acres where the company headquarters is in Cary, North Carolina. Their newer buildings are all powered by solar energy! How cool is that???

The solar farm has Dorper sheep, which is a smaller breed of sheep that are perfect for walking beneath the solar panels to munch on the grass and help with landscaping. Over easter four baby lambs were born ... they reached out to the employees to name the sheep and the votes came in .. their names are Buttercup, Sassy, Miss Fleece and Lily!

Mom says her company has child daycare centers at their headquarters in North Carolina. I think they need a doggie daycare ... maybe when they get a doggie daycare then we can all move to Cary, North Carolina. Actually, i'll even move before they get a doggie daycare because I'm happy to hang out with Buttercup, Sassy, Miss Fleece and Lily and all the other dorper sheep. Mom will vouch for it ... but she knows I love to graze and munch on the grass in the backyard. I also eat anything that falls off of the tree!

I guess i'll get off mom's case .... she's got a great job and it also pays for all the yummy food and treats that I get!!

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