Monday, May 31, 2010

Julius - "Son of Ahnung"

So the other day when mom went to pick up my brother Mister from Rescue Buddy Boarding she met Julius who just arrived from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. Julius was one of Pet Haven's newest intake into their foster program.

Julius, like me, was rescued by Karen Good (my hero!). They were having a big spay/neuter clinic so that more puppies and kittens aren't being born! Karen told my mom that Julius came from the same area up at the reservation that I did ... a place called Redby. He has scabs and scars all over his body and they removed over 200 wood ticks from his body. They said he was so sweet when the volunteer was removing the ticks. When my auntie Laura took him to Bloomington Veterinary Hospital to get checked out even the vet there said Julius looked like me! [For those that don't know, when I first was rescued and arrived into Pet Haven's program I spent about 6 weeks at Bloomington Vet because I had heartworm ... the vets, vet techs and staff just loved me up when I was there, and of course, mom came to visit me every day and took me on outings].

Somehow, Julius got the nickname "son of Ahnung" :) I love it. He has the same markings as me with white paws and a white tip on his tail and little freckles on his nose. He's not as chunky and solid as me, but that's okay :) Mom says he also has the same temperament and my calm spirit :) One of the vet techs at Bloomington Vet is interested in adopting Julius ... in fact, it's one of the techs who took good care of me while I was healing from heartworm. I guess there's no way to confirm that he's my son, but if mom were a gambler she would bet on it, and so would I!!

Yesterday, she went to visit him at auntie Laura's (aka Rescue Buddy Boarding) and she took lots of photos of him and Chica (another gorgeous dog who is up for adoption through Pet Haven. Chica originally came from People for Pets in Spencer, Iowa where my siblings Missy and Mister came from). She made a cool video from all the photos she took. I hope I get to meet "my son" soon :)

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