Wednesday, March 31, 2010

From one rescue dog to another

I got a plea from my pal Jaz last night. I actually had the chance to meet her a couple weeks ago at the Highland Chuck & Don's. It was that night that my mom said I got a little crazy and was having so much fun, breaking free from my collar and running around the store like a little kid ... oh what fun! Anyway, I received a plea from sweet Jaz and I told her I would help spread the word .... after all, that's what friends are for, right?? She's grateful to her rescuer, and i am to mine [Oh, and don't forget to become my fan on facebook ... My fun fundraiser for Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and The Lab continues till this Sunday! Click here to go to my fan page!]

Hi Ahnung,

Just like you, my rescue group (Gemini Rottweiler and Pitbull Rescue in Madison, MN) saved me in 2008. I don’t even want to talk about my life before Gemini, but I do think people should know that I was skin and bones when I was found and someone had cropped my ears themselves. YET, I still love people…kids, adults, anyone who will pet me! I don’t hold any grudges because I know that I never have to see those mean people again. Mama Jen (I’ve learned that there are a lot of Jen’s in animal rescue!) who founded Gemini Rescue, became my special guardian. I lived with her for the past 2 years. Even though I loved living with her, I was getting worried that I would never find my forever home. Mama Jen told me to not worry, that I was meant for bigger and better things and that it might take some time for me and my forever home to find one another.

Mama Jen was right! My forever mom found me on March 7th of this year when I was at the Twin Cities Pet Expo. My new mom, Jennifer, (I told you that there were a lot of Jen’s involved in rescue!) was on the hunt for a potential therapy dog candidate and there I was, just waiting for her! I went home with her on a “trial” but I think we all knew that it was a done deal before we even left the Expo ☺

My new, very OWN mom, Jennifer, volunteers with your mom at Pet Haven. She told me all about your life and how you have overcome so many obstacles to find Marilou and now you both help so many people by being a therapy dog. I think that you are so cool! My mom and I want to be just like you and your mom someday.

I read your blog and follow you on Facebook and hope that, from one rescue dog to another, you can help me with something…

There are so many dogs, just like the two of us, who are waiting for someone to save them .Which is why I am so grateful to Mama Jen at Gemini Rescue. She took care of me for TWO YEARS and, between you and me, I am not an inexpensive girl to have around the house. I have food allergies, so I have to eat special food, the vet bills pile up and I’m not the only dog in the house… not even close!! Mama Jen tries to rescue as many dogs as she possibly can, as they are all special in their own way. She works so tirelessly and I want to help her as much as I can - so when I heard about the Shelter challenge, I talked my new mom into voting every day and encouraging all her friends to do the same. The shelter or rescue group with the most votes in the nation wins a $10,000 grant!! They are currently #1 in Minnesota and 44 in the country. Do you know how many dogs Mama Jen could save with that type of money?! It’s a very easy contest - whichever shelter/rescue group has the most votes at midnight on April 18th wins. Easy, right?? The key is to get people to vote every day and on as many computers/smartphones as possible. My mom goes to the library and votes on all the computers there every weekend…it just takes her 15 minutes and she racks up another 20 votes for Gemini Rescue!

If you’re on Facebook, please become a fan of Gemini Rottweiler and Pitbull rescue. Mama Jen posts a reminder every day to vote. It’s so easy to click on the link and vote. Just takes less than 10 seconds a day!


Vote here on every computer you have ( home,work, laptop, smartphone, etc)
type Gemini in the search box and MN under state:

Thanks Ahnung…together we can make a difference.


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