Friday, March 19, 2010

Getting ready for our big presentation

Last night, mom and I were asked to give a talk (okay ... mom talked, and I got to roam around and get lots of belly rubs!) on what it takes to become an animal therapy team. It was at Pampered Pooch Playground where I go to get my spa treatments with auntie Jenny. Of course, I got to get my special spa treatment yesterday so that I would smell good and feel soft for our big presentation last night. Auntie Jenny is so much fun. After she's done giving me a bath, trimming my nails (and NO, mom would NOT let her paint my nails pink!) and blow drying my velvet coat :) then I get to roam around wherever I want. She lets me follow her around Pampered Pooch and say hi to everyone. I heard mom say to uncle Keith and auntie Jenny, "she acts like she owns this joint!" Well ... I do, don't i??

I also got to meet Gulliver who is up for adoption through Pet Haven and is being fostered at Pampered Pooch. He's definitely a bundle of love!! If you want to meet this sweet boy he'll be at the Pet Haven adoption event tomorrow (Saturday) from 10 am - Noon at the Richfield Petco.

Gulliver with uncle Keith (who owns Pampered Pooch).

Anyway, back to me!! :) I got lots and lots of loving yesterday. Uncle Keith even told me he would be willing to work with mom on making an "Ahnung documentary" ... now how cool is that?? A whole movie about my life as a therapy dog! Uncle Keith knows how to make movies ... you know, the fancy kind of movies. Mom only knows the basic stuff, but that's okay, i love her anyway. He's going to have to follow me around. He said he would bring his "high def video camera" the next time I go to Pampered Pooch for spa day. Yesterday, mom used her tiny little camera ... it's better than nothing.

So here's a short movie clip of auntie Jenny giving me a bath .... i just love, love, love auntie Jenny!!

and here's a movie clip of me with Heather (the trainer at Pampered Pooch). She was really impressed with how I didn't jump and said i was the perfect therapy dog!

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