Saturday, March 20, 2010

Play! Play! Play!

I had the greatest time this afternoon playing ... I'm learning how to play really, really hard! The kids at The Lab ask mom if I ever bark ... she tells them the only time I bark is when I'm wanting to play. She's right! That's when I have to tell Mister i'm ready to play ... he's such a goofy boy. Missy also wants to play but i'm not quite sure about her yet ... we're getting better at it. Most of the time it's Mister and Missy tearing around the yard but today I decided to join in on the fun! This afternoon mom let us tear around the backyard. They don't care .... momma MT said something about putting new grass in. I'm sure after that happens we won't be able to have these crazy afternoons tearing around the yard. Guess we'd better enjoy it while we can :)

Mom took a movie of the 3 of us playing. You should watch my quick moves :)

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  1. This is so cool to see Ah nung playing like a puppy!! Thank you Marilou!!