Monday, March 15, 2010

Passed the hospice volunteer interview!

Mom and I went in for our interview at Allina Hospice today -- mom had to fill out lots of paperwork and get reference forms sent in for us to volunteer as an animal therapy team at Allina hospice. Today was our interview with the volunteer coordinator, Judy. We passed! I think she really liked me, and I really liked her. After our interview Judy asked if we could go to the back and meet the rest of the team. They apparently wanted to meet me because they've been following my blog!! How cool is that??!!! Well, if you're reading this blog I just want you to know that i'm so happy I got to meet you today and i'm excited about volunteering at Allina!

Well, before we can start Mom has to complete a 3 day hospice volunteer training at the end of April. We can't start till after that ... I guess that's okay because i'm pretty busy anyway volunteering at The Lab! They told me at Allina that i'll have to have a picture taken so that I will have my own photo ID. I love it!! :) I'll put my pretty face forward for them :)

When we got back from the interview I got to hang out in the backyard. I love the sunshine. Mom lets me hang out in the back yard for as long as I want. Sometimes I like to stare up at the squirrel in our neighbor's tree, but most of the time I like to just sleep. Yes, I know ... it's not a surprise ... that's my favorite past time. I like to sleep. A girl's got to get her rest ... I'm not as young as my brother Mister and I don't have all his energy so I need my beauty sleep. Tomorrow I have to volunteer bright and early again at The Lab. I have to be there at 7:45 in the morning again. We have to volunteer before mom has to go into work (her paying job!) then over her lunch hour we have to go back again for another small group that mom is facilitating. I know i'm going to be tired but I think mom is going to be super tired too. I'm going to make sure that she gets to bed really, really early tomorrow night.

Then on Thursday night i'll be at Pampered Pooch Playground at 6 pm with my mom who will be offering a free therapy dog informational session. Click here for more info. I believe the Thursday session is full but there's going to be another session offered some time in April so you can put your name on the list to be contacted for the session in April. At this session you'll learn more about what it takes to become an animal therapy team so you can do the awesome kind of work I get to do!!

Okay ... time to go to bed.

Later friends ..

Love, Ahnung


  1. Your own photo ID? How cool is that! Hope you got all the beauty sleep you needed tonight. Sounds like you have a very interesting life. I'm glad I found your blog, Ahnung.

  2. Hey Maggie ... i did some checking around and found your blog too!! :) Looks like we have the same job as therapy dogs! Thanks also for adding me to your blog roll :) I'll add you to mine as well ;-) love Ahnung