Saturday, April 25, 2009

Guilty ... from whose perspective?

So my Humans left this afternoon for a few hours. They rushed out of here after playing a game of Scrabble! I could tell something was up and my brother Mister wasn't very happy (Human's note: we went to catch a 5 pm movie, "The Soloist ... which by the way was a great movie!). Most of the time my Human acts really calm, cool and collected when she leaves -- like nothing is happening. I think that keeps Mister calm.

Well, not today!

So .... we had a lovely surprise for our Humans when they came home..... you will never know what really happened in the house :) Our Humans will never know. At first they were blaming poor Mister .... what if it was Mister that knocked the wooden cat off the window ledge and I chewed it? Or maybe it was Missy? (yes, sweet innocent perfect Missy!) Or maybe I even did it? I really do like to chew even though I don't have any front teeth. Well, my Humans weren't too happy walking into the living room .... my one Human screamed something about "My blackberry!! They chewed my blackberry!" I could've sworn I heard her say something about her work sending her a new one, so why does she need this one. Besides one should never leave anything out that one isn't willing to lose ... yes, that's the motto at the Black dog, black hole house of mischief.

They haven's fed us dinner yet .... I think they're contemplating whether we deserve dinner. Personally, I think they're the crazy ones. They should've taken us for a walk. It's not our fault. They left the TV on to a really silly show and we were bored. What's a dog to do when we get bored???

My brother Mister and I are tired now ... we're going to snuggle back up together on our red couch. He makes a great pillow.

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