Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Setting the record straight!

I hear from my Human that there's been this crazy petition that's been circulating online spreading lots of wrong information .... it's about 14 dogs taken from this woman's house in St. Paul. The petition claims that the Animal Humane Society and St. Paul Animal Control are going to kill these dogs. My Human has confirmed with the Animal Humane Society that this is absolutely NOT true. You can read more about it on the Minneapolis Pet Rescue Examiner site ... my friend Jen now writes for them and I'm really excited about it :) Congrats Jen!

I don't know if i'll ever understand why Humans sometimes act the way they do ... wouldn't it be much easier if all these Humans who claim to love us furry creatures so much work together? Do they really think that the Humans who work at the AHS and St. Paul AC want to euthanize any of us? Now don't get me wrong ... I really appreciate all the compassion Humans show for us (editor's note: dogs and cats) .... but you know what, I think Humans can do so much more for us if more compassion and understanding is shown for each other as well ... my humble two cents, actually, my humble two kibbles for what it's worth ...

I know my Human is working on starting a coalition here in Minnesota with other groups. They're just kicking it off but they even have a name! --- Minnesota Partnership for Animal Welfare (www.mnpaw.org). If you want to learn more about it you can join them for an informational session on May 9th at Noon. Check out the MnPAW link for more info.

okay ... back to sleep ... i'll go back to dreaming of a day when we can all get along and we can all work together ;-)

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