Friday, April 24, 2009

My pal Riley got adopted!

I posted an entry on April 11th about my friend Riley. We had so much fun that day with the bunny ears that Riley's foster mom brought with her... it was photo shoot time. Those bunny ears must've work, because my pal has been officially adopted!

It's truly an incredible day when a dog like Riley who comes with a major (and I mean MAJOR) case of separation anxiety finds a perfect match and that truly special person who is willing to work with him no matter what ... he had that with his foster mom Laura who refused to give up on this boy who first came into Pet Haven's foster program over a year ago rescued from an impound in New Brighton.

Well ... I am so happy to say that Riley has been adopted by a special person who works as a fire fighter and a community risk reduction officer. Riley gets to go with her to work every day and works by her side as a therapy dog for at-risk youth and folks coming out of prison.....

Thank you Laura and thank you Casidy (his new mom!) for believing in my pal!

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