Friday, April 10, 2009

Soaking up the rays

I don't know about you ... but I am LOVING this spring weather. The other day I got to spend hours out in the backyard. I really wanted to take a nice long nap but there's this squirrel next door to us that keeps taunting us so my nap time was interrupted by squirrel patrol time. We also have this bunny next door to us that insists on making his home in the bush right on the other side of our fence. He thinks he's cool stuff. Missy's barking and Mister's scratching on the fence doesn't even phase the bunny anymore. Some mornings before the sun is even up my Human has to come outside and chase the bunny away because my crazy sister Missy won't stop barking. I heard my Human mumble something about neighbors not being happy about barking dogs at 6 in the morning.

Humans worry so much about what other Humans think. I think the dogs way is much better. If we don't like you, we let you know. If we're scared we let you know. If we like you, you'll get lots of slobbers. If we don't like being left alone .. YES, we'll let you know we're not happy and chew everything in sight so you get the message loud and clear! :)

It's a good thing i've had a chance to rest up these past couple days. This morning I had a spa treatment ... a bath, brush and my nails trimmed. Jenny at Pampered Pooch did a wonderful job! She uses this really cool brush and I feel like i'm getting a massage. So now I smell good and my coat is soft. I'm part of a big training event tomorrow and I get to share my story and tell all these people how special I am and how I get to work with these really cool kids at The Lab. Now that i'm all groomed I can give and get lots of hugs and no one can say I stink! Of course, I never think I do but i've come to learn that Humans have different standards ... oh well ... i'll concede to them for tomorrow.

Tomorrow is going to be a gorgeous spring day .... i'll be soaking up the rays -- hope you will too!


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