Friday, May 15, 2009

Don't make me beg!

Okay, my brother Mister is co-captain of Pet Haven's The Fast and the Furballs team. They're training for a 5K-9 run/walk on 5/31 to raise money for his homeless pals (dogs and cats!). He's upset with our Human because she's waited so long before trying to raise money.

I'm tired of him complaining to me ... all i hear him say is "why the @&#!!** did she wait till 2 weeks before our run to start asking for money? Does she think i'm doing this just because it's fun??? Doesn't she know we have a serious problem and that my homeless pals need all the help they can get??"

So friends, help me out here, okay?? I love my Human. She's had a lot going on lately and her mind just hasn't been on raising money for my sibling's noble effort.

Also ... I can't take my brother complaining anymore!! Please, please can you spare a few pennies and make a small donation. It would make him happy, which in turn would make me very happy.

You can make a donation at Mister's fundraising page and you can learn more about the event on the Pet Haven website.

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