Monday, May 11, 2009

What will be will be ...

My Human has had a lot on her mind lately ... with her efforts on starting a new animal welfare coalition, Minnesota Partnership for Animal Welfare (MnPAW) and her health. This week she goes in for a surgical biopsy. She is hoping that the results of the pathology report will come in before the end of the week. She's trying not to worry but I can tell she's worried. I've been trying to remind her of her time up in Ely last summer when she got to hang out with the wolves and the bears. I'm trying to remind her that worrying won't help. I also keep telling her that whatever the outcome, it will be okay. I keep telling her that she needs to take up the Ahnung motto right now (my friend the bear shares my motto) ..... chill, bask in the sun, nap, don't worry, and be cool ... what will be, will be (wasn't there a song that goes something like que sera sera??). Humans worry too much about everything. Be a dog. Be a bear. And just be.

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