Sunday, January 31, 2010

Canine Inspired Change - Join our Team!

I was able to join my mom and auntie Danielle at The Canine Coach on Saturday, 1/30, for the Canine Inspired Change Informational Session. Instead of a fee, Canine Coach was great and let us ask for donations for my rescuer Karen and Red Lake Rosie's Rescue! We raised $241 in cash/check donations and got lots of food and treats!

There were SOOO many people at the informational session. Mom tells me they had to close registration down and that there was close to 60 people there! WOW!! I'm so excited that there are so many people interested in learning more about how they can partner with their dogs to become an animal therapy team. Auntie Danielle shared information on the new class that's being offered by Canine Coach - Canine Inspired Change. It's a 5 week course. A pre-requisite is that you and your dog are a registered animal therapy (it can be with any of the national organizations .... like Delta Society or TDI). After you take the CIC course then you can join me and my mom (and auntie Danielle and Sharpie) in volunteering in the community. It's really cool ... we teach the kids at school about the ABCs of CIC and auntie Danielle has lesson plans developed. I even had a chance to be a "demo" dog at the informational session when auntie Danielle showed the audience how we begin each group.

If you want to learn more about how to become an animal therapy team or if you want to learn more about the Canine Inspired Change course, you can email auntie Danielle at

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