Thursday, June 10, 2010

10 Reasons by you should adopt Julius, aka 'Son of Ahnung'

If you've been following my blog, and maybe even my mom's blog you'll know about Julius, a rescued dog from up at the Red Lake reservation ... the same place from where I was rescued.... and YES, I believe he is my son, and NO, I can't prove it but mom thinks so and so do many, many other people. He has my same markings and temperament .... and if you saw our first meeting, you would just know too :)

Anyway, my sweet boy is up for adoption through Pet Haven. Mom has fallen head over heels in love with him, and so have I. Of course, I would LOVE for Julius to come live with us by mom tells me our house is kinda full ... I guess 3 big dogs and a cat in a small city house is a lot ... oh well, I'll just demand visitation rights.

1. He's so darn cute
2. He's playful with personality, yet mellow
3. He walks well on a leash - does NOT pull or drag you on walks, like some dogs!!
4. He has a calm, wise, loving spirit (it's hard to put this into words ..  you just have to meet my boy!)
5. He's a Red Lake reservation dog and they are the coolest (okay, so i'm biased because i'm a rez dog too!)
6. He would make a GREAT therapy dog! He's a natural ....
7. After Julius becomes a therapy dog, we could volunteer together and become the Mama and Son therapy dog team ... and together, we can heal wounded spirits.
8. He gets along with everyone!!
9. Like me ... he's low maintenance. Mom often forgets i'm even around :)
10. He will touch and heal your soul in a way you could never even imagine!

Okay, I said 10 reasons but here's one more: You are saving a life and adopting a rescued dog. Mom tells me that in the end I really rescued her :)

On the right is a photo of my boy sleeping at auntie Laura's house. Now, how can you not just fall in love with him???

When I first got to meet the "son of Ahnung"it was right before I brought him over to his foster home. He's a pretty lucky boy ... he gets to hang out in a foster home with a mellow chocolate lab (Grizzly) and Alan, the pug AND a swimming pool! Boy, sure wish I had a swimming pool. You should've seen us prancing around the swimming pool ...

Mom took a bunch of photos from our first meeting and when we took my boy over to his foster home. She made a short video of it .... check it out!

And if you're interested in learning more about Julius or meeting him you should email And you should put in your email that you want to learn more about Julius, aka 'Son of Ahnung'!! He's my boy and i'm very protective of him!!

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  1. This was very, very sweet. Watched it twice and teared up both times. ;-)