Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Personalized mosaic dog (or kitty) leash hooks

A few months ago my mom placed an order with my auntie Cindy (who makes these really, really cool mosaic dog leash hooks) ... i got to pick out my own color (of course, i picked orange!) and I also asked to add stars by my name ... after all, my name ahnung means star in ojibway :)

This past week mom and momma MT finally got around to cleaning out the back area and reorganizing so now we have our dog leash hooks hanging by the back door. Mister and Missy also got their personalized dog leash hook ... mom chose red for Mister and purple for Missy. Here are photos of them ...  and if you want to place your own special order all you have to do is contact my auntie Cindy at caverin@comcast.net. My auntie Cindy volunteers with Pet Haven and she is going to donate 20% (yes, that's right ... 20%!) of any order you place with her to Pet Haven. Just be sure to mention 'Pet Haven.'

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