Saturday, June 5, 2010

All in a day's work!

I'm sometimes asked .... "what's it like to be a therapy dog??" Well .... here's a typical work day for me ... only difference here is that this was my first time in hospice to visit my new friend "I" (now that mom and I are official Allina hospice volunteers!). All my other work days were to go to school and give presentations with mom and work with at-risk youth ... yesterday, was a special day ... mom was also having a rough day and when we go to "work" not only do I LOVE it because of all the cool people I get to meet, but because it also makes mom feel so much better :)

My day begins with lots of loving by Uncle Keith of Pampered Pooch Playground where I go to get my spa treatment. As a therapy dog I MUST look and smell my best! I love Uncle Keith (he owns this fancy joint in St. Louis Park!). He gives me lots of attention, treats, belly rubs and lets me be a greeter (his dog and my friend, Roxy, a bernese mountain dog is taking her therapy dog test on Friday! After she passes she's going to work with me at the schools ... YAY!!)

Here I am getting a bath!!

then I get to visit my new friend "I" in hospice, who has this friend "B" who hung out with us too! They were both so cool and gave me lots of pets. It took me a long time to make my way to I's room because everyone wanted us to stop. Sorry mom, they wanted to see me not you! :) All I heard was "Can your dog say hi to us? What's your dog's name? What kind of dog is she?" and on and on and on ... oh, we also got to ride in an elevator (so fun!). I also so saw more wheelchairs than i've ever seen before!

And then, this one staff person at hospice (handsome, cool dude!) ... fell to his knees when he first met me! He hugged on me and gave me lots of attention and asked my mom if he could take me home. Sorry  Uncle Andy ... "I'm spoken for" but "yes, I'll tell mom that we have to come visit 'I' and 'B' on the days that you are working!"

[Thanks Uncle Andy for letting me post our photo! ... hope to see you next week!]

And then it's time to crash at home with Missy and Mister!

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  1. What a difference you're making to all those people you come in contact with! My mom had a dog living in her facility--each person thought the dog belonged to him or her, and each had a different name for the dog:). Needless to say, that dog was showered with love constantly! You have a big job and I can see why you're sacked out on the couch at the end of the day, just like the rest of us.