Thursday, June 24, 2010

I survived the 5K9 Run!

A couple weeks ago I participated in my first ever 5K9 with mom (and it will also be my last one!) ... I would much rather just lounge on the patio or sleep on the couch than take long walks ... at least mom was really nice and she didn't make me run the 5K. We went on a leisurely Saturday morning stroll ... there was a photographer that was laying on the road towards the end of the 5K -- i think we were approaching mile 3. I was pretty exhausted by then but I have to say, I think I look pretty darn good in this photo for having walked almost 3 miles!! :) He snapped a couple photos of us and mom bought this one so that we could always remember the historic moment of my first, and last, 5K walk!

Mom was laughing at how I had to drink out of every water bowl at the water stops. They had 5 water bowls lined up for the pups ... I'd start with the first bowl then work my way down the line. What can I say, I like to sample all the bowls, plus I was hot and thirsty!

Today, though ... I'm going to do what I do and love best .... sleep and snore hard!! Have a great day everyone!!

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