Sunday, June 13, 2010

My first ... and make that my LAST ... 5K!!

So yesterday, I got to be a part of Pet Haven's The Fast and the Furballs team and participated in the Dog Days 5K9 run/walk. Don't get me wrong ... it was a great event with over 300 doggies of all sizes, breeds, colors ... best of all, I also got to see Julius (aka 'son of Ahnung'). He got teamed up with a Pet Haven volunteer and ran the entire 5K! I hear you ... don't think I don't hear you saying "why can't I run a 5K!" Excuse me friends ... i'm almost 6 years old and i have a bad back knee AND I am just not built for running, or even walking long distances for that matter!! Julius, however, did great ... the Pet Haven volunteer said he was a perfect running buddy.

I started off strong but then I got tired pretty quickly. The photo on the left is of me before race started. Scroll down and you'll see a photo of me after the race. By mile 2 I was saying words to my mom that I can't repeat. What I want to know is why they didn't have a rescue wagon waiting for me. Last year my bro Mister got to participate in the run/walk. I told mom that if she decides to do this again next year, that she should take Mister again. She's a little nervous running with my crazy brother because he tripped her last summer when they were out running and she took a pretty nasty fall ... after a year she still has a scar on her face from that fall.

Okay, so my momma MT says i'm no spring chicken ... well, she's right!! But at least I finished the 5K in less than an hour. We crossed the finish line just a few minutes before it hit one hour AND we were not the LAST ones to cross.

So here are photos of me and Julius after the 5K. As you can see, i'm exhausted and Julius looks like he just had a warm up and is ready to run another 5 miles. Maybe he'll get lucky and there will be a runner out there that is looking for a running buddy and will want to adopt by sweet boy.

When I got home after the 5K9 yesterday, guess what I did??? Yes, you are right ... I threw my body down on the floor and crashed for the rest of the day. Mom tells me that I was snoring loudly. It's a good thing she didn't wake me up. She only woke me up for dinner ... then right after dinner it was back to bed!

Today ... it's Sunday, and I am doing NOTHING!! I don't care what mom has in mind for me but I am going to just hang out in the backyard and do NOTHING!! Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!

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