Saturday, June 19, 2010

My boy Julius has a home visit tomorrow!!

My boy Julius had quite the day today ... mom picked him up early this morning to bring him to the Pet Haven adoption event. I hope my boy appreciates my mom doing that because she was gone all week in North Carolina for work and just got home last night .. then turns around and leaves early this morning to pick him up!! Yes, he's probably saying "blah, blah, blah, blah, blah ...."

Anyway, there's this really cool young couple that put an application for my boy. The best part of it all is that they heard about him because mom told auntie Danielle about Julius (auntie Danielle is a dog trainer and therapy dog teacher at Canine Coach and a good friend of mom ... we volunteer together at The Lab with at-risk youth) Mom talked to the "dad" while she was in North Carolina and really liked him. He had to work today so he couldn't come and meet Julius but his soon to be mom (paws crossed) came to the adoption event today to meet Julius ... and yes, she LOVED him ... who wouldn't??? so tomorrow mom is picking Julius up again from his foster's home to take him for the home visit ... and guess what, I get to go too!! Julius' new mom and dad want to meet me ... and of course, I want to see my boy again :) And auntie Danielle is also coming and she's going to bring my buddy Sharpie (who is one of auntie Danielle's pups ... we're best buds -- he taught me how to play tug!).

After the adoption event today Julius got picked up by a Pet Haven volunteer Lisa who just loves, loves, loves my boy too!! He was quite the star today and very much in demand ...

Well ... i'll be with my boy tomorrow at the home visit. We just need to make sure that he gets along with the resident cat at his new home (which I am pretty sure will not be an issue). If it's anything like when I first came to live with mom, then it will be just fine :) Julius is like me ... being rez (i.e, reservation dogs) dogs, we've been through so much and have survived out in the wild for a while -- we've also been around all kinds of critters so nothing really phases us. I heard that Julius did great with a woman in a wheel chair at the adoption event today and also with the young kids ... he's definitely my son and will make a great therapy dog!!

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